The origins of CACI…

CACI was originally divised to treat victims of Bells Palsy and Strokes. It first came to England in 1992 and was soon described to the media as a non-surgical face lift. Over the years since its introduction, the company has redeveloped and enhanced the CACI machines. WT Spa offers the latest and most effective CACI treatments available with the CACI ULTIMATE machine.

CACI has a very large celebrity following and is the best non-surgical face lift available.


CACI Jowl Lift 30mins – £38

The Caci jowl lift treatment has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. Using the NEW quad probe applicators you can double the lifting action of the Caci treatment helping to lift, firm and redefine the facial contours and help improve the appearance of sagging jowls.


CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift 60mins – £65

This treatment gently lifts, tightens, tones and re-educates the facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Skin is beautifully re-hydrated whilst tone and texture is improved, leaving the skin with a wonderful glow and a firmer more supple appearance.


CACI Super Non-Surgical Face Lift 75mins – £85

This treatment is the same as the above but is more intensive with more attention to your particular areas of concern. Includes LED light thearpy, exfoliation and is finished with a mask.


CACI Hyrdatone Facial 45mins – £55

An intensive skin hydration and face firming treatment, Hydratone combines active micro current rollers with a unique, electrically conductive gel mask that has been infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E and C. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated before the mask is applied. The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy. Dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin is quenched, whilst deep lines and wrinkles are pumped out, leaving the skin looking radiant, softer and more youthful. The energy delivered by the rollers recharges and replenishes the bio-electrical energy within the facial muscles and in so doing helps to restore muscle tone and firmness. At the same time, the energy generated also drives the hydrating actives contained within the gel mask deep into the skin tissue.


CACI Eye Treatment 30mins – £38

Concentrating on the eye area, this treatment lifts, smooths and plumps, erasing fine lines, rehydrating and repairing the eye area. the treatment includes delicate microdermabrasion, use of the wrinkle comb and the hydratone mask.


Add any of the following to your CACI Non surgical Facelift to create your bespoke CACI treatment to suit your individual skin needs and concerns:


Facelift Extra Time 15mins £10
LED Light Therapy 15mins £25
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion 15mins £15
Hydratone Mask 15mins £15
Eye Treatment 15mins £20
Deep Cleanse & Extractions 15mins £15
LED Light 20mins* £30


*20mins of LED Light add extra 10-15 minutes to your facial treatment.


General Info

To achieve the ultimate result from non surgical face lift treatments, it is highly recommended to have a course of 10 treatments, having 2-3 treatments per week for 4 weeks. To maintain these visible results from the course of CACI treatments, a monthly maintenance treatment plan is advised there after, typically 1 per month.

Flexible payment plans available on all courses