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Special April Offers


20% OFF SWiCH Treatment 

Normal Price £120 / April Offer £100

The SWiCH™ System achieves rejuvenation and repairing of the skin without inducing tissue damage.  It enhances mitochondrial function and restores skins youthful appearance by activation of the natural repair system which effects restoration of both sun damaged skin and aging. Unlike many Peel treatments, there is no down time with the SWiCH treatment, however the results on the skin are very similar to peel.

20% OFF Rosacea Package Treatment (Environ Cool Peel x5 1 free)

Normal Price £390 / April Offer £312

Environ uses acidic creams and gels instead of using acid solutions. The peel preserve as much epidermis as possible while at the same time, getting the safest effective concentration of hydronium ions into the dermis. The peel is designed to preserve the architecture of the skin simultaneously stimulating the fibroblasts in the dermis to increase the quantity of collagen in the dermis. 

20% OFF Peel Package (Any 3 Peels)

A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin. Depending on the depth of the peel and formulation of the solution used. Chemical peels can also stimulate the production of new skin cells. All face peels remove the top layer of skin to exfoliate and speed up your cell turnover. All face peels involve applying a solution to your face to expedite the exfoliation process.

We Offer:

Lactic Peel   £75

Alpha Beta Peel  £75

Lactic Peel & Enzyme & Vit A £105

Alpha Beta Peel & Enzyme & Vit A £105

Glow Peel £120

Mandelic Peel £140


20% OFF Cupping Drainage Massage 

 Normal Price £80 / April Offer £64

Cupping stimulates Lymph drainage and microcirculation. Cupping massage causes the drainage of interstitial fluid and its elements into blood and lymphatic capillaries, especially lipids in cellulite. The reverse suction helps to break down cellulite.

20% OFF Products for Rosacea

1. Hydra Intense Cleansing Lotion   

2. Rose Ease Relief Cream                                                        

3. Calm-R                                                                                   

4. HydraCalm