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Revolutionary Fat Freezing Treatment

..we guarantee real results after 3 treatments!

Normal Price £350 / January Offer £199

We’ve all heard the saying ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ but when, exactly, do you need to start?

Of course, we all know it’s better if you maintain your weight year-round blah blah but winter = red wine and pasta! So assuming you have put on a bit of winter padding, how long have you got left before it’s time to get serious about it?

Depending on how much damage you’ve done, it’s doable in 4-6 weeks, but the idea is sustainability. The methods behind what is required to do in such a short time are obviously not sustainable. What you want to do is take a more gradual approach over 12–18 weeks and make minor changes as we get into spring and summer months.

So start now by combining healthy diet and exercise with our fat freezing Lipocryolysis treatment for ultimate lasting results!

Lipocryolysis is a new technology that results in localized fat reduction within a selective and noninvasive procedure. A special transducer is posicioned on the selected area in order to combinate vacuum action to capture the subcutaneous tissue and selective cryotechnology to cool it. The fat cells (adipocytes) in the subcutaneous tissue (under dermis) are mostly saturated fatty acids rich cells, and as a consequence, especially sensitive to cold exposure; on the other hand, the contiguous elements such as blood vessels, peripheral nerves, melanocytes, fibrocytes, or poor fatty cells are much less sensitive to cool exposure. This characteristic definitely results in the adipocytes elimination without damage of the surrounding tissues.

The Lipocryo system for selective an controlled adipocytes cooling results in a notable and natural reduction of fat tissue, avoiding the traumatic experience of invasive methods (liposuction), and preventing from the risk of damage on contiguous tissues as it can occur with focalized ultrasounds or lasers.

Depending on the initial adipose tissue thickness, the average loss will be from 3 to 15 mm; in terms of loss percentage of adipose tissue, the equivalence is 25% to 45%. Aprox. 40% of the result will be visible at 15 days, but we will have to wait 6 weeks as a minimum to appreciate the main results . At this moment we will decide the convenience of another session.

According to the adipose tissue thickness and the wished reduction, we will need from 1 to 3 sessions. Preferably waiting time between 2 sessions will be aprox. 45 days.


May be purchased as a Gift Voucher and valid for 6 months

January Massage Offer

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* discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

January Detox Facial

Normal Price £95 / January Offer £80

This excellent post party season treatment consists of the following steps:

– Enzyme application to remove dead skin cells and accelerate further product penetration
– Black and white head extractions (if necessary)
– Detoxifying massage (Vitamin and peptide infusion)
– Firming peptide mask to finish off the treatment by nourishing your skin


May be purchased as a Gift Voucher and valid for 6 months

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..for brighter & renewed skin

It’s like the magical treatment that can cure all

The term ‘face peels’ might make you back away slowly, but this treatment can help with a plethora of problems, from pigmentation to scarring, hydration to acne, skin texture to fine lines and wrinkles.

What are face peels and how do they work?

All face peels remove a top layer of skin to exfoliate and speed up your cell turnover, but some remove more than others, depending on the type of face peel you decide to try. All face peels involve applying a solution to your face to expedite the exfoliation process.

AHA and BHA face peels

Otherwise known as alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, these peels include glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, all known to be quite light, so can be performed without needing any downtime. They’re especially good for combatting acne or oily skin issues because they break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing for easier exfoliation. A lot of the modern day ones use fruit enzymes and acids from natural sources such as pumpkins, as well as active ingredients to penetrate and deliver anti-oxidants and vitamins deep into the skin encouraging the new cells to grow stronger and healthier.

You will most likely feel a tingling sensation and your skin may be a bit pink at first, but it will then look instantly brighter and over time will get noticeably smoother.

TCA face peels

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels are considered to be more medium depth peels and help to treat pigmentation, sun damage and wrinkles. The downside of these peels is that they feel slightly more uncomfortable than lighter peels, you will have more side effects, such as swelling and redness, and you will need more down time. Your skin will also noticeably peel, so it’s best to do these treatments over a period of time when you can rest for up to a week.

The good news is, because you shed so many layers, the skin underneath that comes through is brand spanking new and looks smoother in texture and more even in tone.

Lactic Peel – £95
Alpha Beta Peel – £95
Mandelic Peel – £140
Glow Peel – £120

* discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

May be purchased as a Gift Voucher and valid for 6 months