Circadia Treatments

Skin Soothe

When your occasional flushing has turned into permanent redness, you need real relief! The Circadia Calming Rosacea Facial Treatment reduces your redness, itching, bumps, and swelling. This facial includes several calming products.


Dermaplaning gently buffs the top layer of dead skin cells away helps to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion leaving skin ultra-smooth. It also removes peach fuzz / veils (fine) hair on the face and leaves the skin soft, smooth surface for makeup to glide on flawlessly.


Therapists use cryotherapy Freezepen technology to safely remove warts. It is a quick and incredibly effective treatment that painlessly and precisely removes unwanted warts from anywhere on the face or body.


This is a perfect facial for great instant results without any down time. Perfect for change of seasons, an instant pick me up, for tired or dull complexions, age concerns or for that special night out. The results are instant plump, firmed and lifted skin with a glowing complexion.

Cavitation & Sonoforesis Facial

Cavitation peeling is a procedure performed using ultrasounds. It is mainly used for non-touch and painless cleansing of the face and body and for the introduction of active ingredients contained in cosmetics into the skin. Removing dirt and dead cells is safe here. During the procedure, we only feel delicate vibrations. Cavitation peeling, like any other peeling, first of all cleanses the skin.Thanks to it, it is smooth, inflamed and without irritation. The effect of a successful treatment is much more: it brightens blemishes, scars scars, regenerates skin and mimic muscles, sterilises skin and fights bacteria that are the main cause of eczema, removes dead skin cells, accelerates microcirculation, helps in the treatment of acne, removes toxic substances and residue from cosmetics, accelerates the penetration and activation of cosmetics in the skin, prepares skin for further cosmetic procedures, blends skin, deeply moisturises, removes shallow plague, reduces the since and swelling around the eyes, enhances the production of collagen and elastin, causes the skin to look young and fresh.