Vacuum technology creates small bubbles which combines with a nutrient solution. The combination of the suction, turbulence and specially formulated solutions reach down into the skin to unblock pores, remove blackheads, bacteria, spots and pustules, and generally remove pollutants and loose skin flakes. This is then followed by a further stage to hydrate and nourish the skin leaving it refreshed.

OxyNrich technology is inspired by the skins self-healing abilities. It combines the effects of a skin nourishing gel, vibration of the treatment tip at a carefully selected frequency and an active treatment tip to produce minute CO2 bubbles. These minute CO2 bubbles penetrate snd pop deep inside the skin, triggering the Bohr Effect to help the skin capillaries release more oxygen and rejuvenate the skin cells. The active ingredients are penetrated to deep clean the kin and remove all congestions.

Ultra+Serum – 1MHz high-frequency ultrasound internally stimulates the skin to generate micro-heat. This accelerates the metabolism of skin cells and promotes blood circulation. At the same time, the product penetrates deep into skin. Tightens the skin and improves skin hydration and condition.

The cuticle is the largest skin barrier to protect the skin. Ultrasonic vibration can improve its perme ability, temporarily reducing the density of the skin layer, forming small spaces between the cells. The active ingredients then penetrate between the skin cells. In addition, ultrasound can break down the surface tension of the product to produce micro droplets, making it easier to penetrate skin tissue.

Ultrasonic induction is usually used in professional beauty centres. It increases the absorption of active ingredients within skin care products and produces a sense of warmth to enhance metabolism of the skin cells. In addition, it increases the moisture content of the skin and shrinks pores, smooths skin and evens the skin tone. This process is safe, gentle and suitable for all skin types.