Through the combined use of these four technologies the skin synergy platform is effectively able to treat all layers of the skin and offer deep skin cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, oxygen enrichment and skin cell nutrition. In summary following a skin synergy treatment your skin will feel amazing.


The combination of the suction, turbulence and specially formulated solutions reach down into the skin to unblock pores, remove blackheads, bacteria, spots and pustules and generally carry pollutants away from the skin. Thus making it perfect for those suffering from acne or congested skin. This stage is then followed by a further stage to hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. There is no down time and all skin types can be treated.

HydraMedi (30min)  £100

HydraMedi (45min)  £120

HydraMedi (60min) £150

HydraMedi (75min) £180

HydraMedi (90min) £190


The OxyNrich provides nourishment and oxygenation for the skin – leaving clients with a smoother complexion and fresher looking skin. It works by combining the effects of a skin nourishing gel, vibration of the treatment tip at a carefully selected frequency and an active treatment tip to exfoliate and produce minute CO2 bubbles. These minute bubbles penetrate and pop deep inside the skin, triggering the Bohr Effect to help the skin capillaries release more oxygen and rejuvenate the skin cells.


Quadpolar RF is the perfect treatment for looking your best on the special occasion. It utilises two pairs of bipolar radio frequency contacts to warm the skin to a comfortable 41 C. At this temperature the collage structure of the skin contracts and helps to reduces skin laxity. The treatment is relaxing, and you will instantly have a fresher appearance.


Ultra+serum™ utilises a combination of ultrasound and clinical graded skin care products to effectively create microscopic gaps between cells and disrupt the surface tension of the active serum to produce micro droplets. These then penetrate the skin to nourish and hydrate. The serum we use has a potent mixture of HLA, vitamins C, E, B3, B5 and Ferulic acid to prolong the antioxidant effects of C and E vitamins.